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Servicing What We Sell!

We love to support what we sell by following up with servicing the equipment. We specialize in diagnosting and servicing a wide range of lawn care brands including Briggs & Stratton, Honda, ECHO, Ryobi, Craftsman, STIHL, Husqvarna, Red Max, Pressure Washer, Snapper, TORO, and MTD.
Our certified and trained technicians will get the job done in a proper and efficient manner so that you can get back to beautifying your landscape on time. Remember to schedule your service time to prepare for the changing seasons!

Commercial Groups and Landscapers

For commercial groups and landscapers on a larger scale, we also repair trailer-hitched stump grinders, wood chippers, zero-turn riding mowers, industrial generators & water pumps, and most construction equipment, so please give us a call!


  • Valve adjustments & clearance
  • Lawnmower blade and chainsaw sharpening
  • Complete engine diagnostics
  • Engine overhauls
  • Engine tune up service
  • Oil change & spark plug replacements
  • Replace damaged V-Belts and throttle cables
  • Proper compression & ignition tests
  • Replace crankcase, gaskets or resealing
  • Repair or replace engine housing & engine shrouds
  • Cylinder & piston air leak test
  • Repair ignition coils and flywheels with proper stop circuit test
  • Replace fuel lines, fuel filters, or tank vents
  • Repair or replace carburetor (and diaphragm) with proper fuel system testing
  • Repair oil pump pickup and delivery, and oil output test
  • Repair rewind recoil ropes and spring starters
  • Repair or replace clutch, clutch shoes, or clutch springs
  • Repair or clean muffler and exhaust systems
  • Repair or clean air filter and filter housings
  • Repair stop switches by means of circuit testing
  • Miscellaneous repairs or other repairs not listed

Call us at (626) 792-7297

If you have any questions on certain repairable items give us a call. We also special order genuine parts, so if you are in need of parts, provide us with the brand name, model, and part number so that we can better assist you.
We love to take care of all customers so if you have any general questions about mixing gas and engine oil, or refilling your trimmer line, please come on by and we'll show you at no cost!

Fuel that is purchased from the gas stations cotains ethanol that can reduce and hinder the performance of all 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. Keep in mind that sitting gas can become stale, even for a short period time of 2-months, so the components of engines may need to be serviced again. Take out those fuel from the tanks if the equipment will not be in use!
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