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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still have my gas-powered equipment serviced after January 1, 2024?

A: Yes. As your local servicing dealer, Lawn Mower Corner will still be able to service your gas-powered equipment even after CARB regulations go into effect.

Q: Will I still be able to use my current gas-powered equipment after January 1, 2024?

A: Most gas-powered outdoor equipment manufactured after January 1, 2024 cannot be sold in California, but there is no ban on using older models. Also, certain equipment is not subject to the regulation. See link for more information on preempted equipment. 

Q: Where can I find battery-powered equipment on par with my current gas-powered tools?

A: Come and visit us to explore our broad line of battery equipment. With a full line of certified products that meet emission and performance standards, we have SUNSEEKER, KRESS, MAKITA, ECHO, GREENWORKS for professional and commercial products to deliver powerful, pro-grade performance. These battery tools are built with similar power and performance with those professional gas-powered tools.

Q: What does the CARB regulation mean for my landscaping business?

A: While retailers of gas-powered outdoor power equipment will have to become CARB compliant and discontinue the sale of most gas-powered equipment manufactured after January 1, 2024, users will still be able to use their equipment. However, it will be important to begin transitioning to battery-powered products to keep your business ahead of the curve.